Diploma in Records and Information Management
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Diploma in Records and Information Management

Day, Kampala Branch


This is a 4-semester course, which aims at developing competent Record Officers with knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and effective management of information.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

- Enhance their knowledge and skills in the management of information resources

- Implement the acquired knowledge and skills in archives management 

- Evaluate the implications of new technologies for managing records

- Design and implement measures toimprove organisational performance

- Explain and seek viable solutions to the major practical difficulties in Records and Information Management 

- Identify and mitigate the symptoms of poor Record Management practices

-Operate a Records Management System effectively and efficiently

-Develop an Action Plan to improvethe management of records/ information in an organisation including considerations for computerization

-Develop awareness of the stepsinvolved in automating records management


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Course Code

IT: 201 – 25


2 years

Tuition Fees

UgShs. 2,550,000=


Venue and Time

Day, Kampala Branch

Teaching Method

Lectures, demonstrations, discussions, practical exercises, role-plays, presentations



Uganda Management Institute

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